Sunday, August 24, 2008


I initial attacked a fire about a week ago and it grew to 35 acres overnight in heavy timber. I spiked out(camped) on it for 8 days before heading in for a shower and a day off. I got to do the coolest thing perhaps ever on a fire, Fire-Line-Explosives! So, three of us packed 55 lbs each down the mountain to blow up a tree that was unsafe to fall with a chainsaw. We then stuffed 165lbs of explosives into the tree. Then, the blaster let me touch it off. So enjoy the video and the pictures. The video doesn't do it justice, the shock wave was so intense that it took the air out of my lungs and shot stuff to the east a half mile. If you listen after the blast, you can hear it hit the ridge to the north. By the way, I love my job. It must suck to be a desk jockey.



RaeAnn said...

ok, i can't tell, is this kara or erich typing??? :)

Ben said...

Looks like you had a pretty fun time. That is a lot of explosive for one tree! Yea, those people with desk jobs have it rough.

Jeff and Lea said...

That was so awesome! I missed out on fire season this year. Good luck with the baby, it is coming up soon. I hear that all it takes is a little air to launch the fountain, so be advised when changing diapers. Jeff

a. said...

oh yeah, rub it in...i'm not even going to show this post to chad...he would literally turn green from jealousy...everytime he sees smoke anywhere, he perks up!

and, yeah, djs suck.