Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting out and exploring

We had a gorgeous weekend last weekend so we took the ATV out to the mountains. Jake was a trooper; we went for a four hour drive and he loved it the whole time. It was so good to get back up into the trees. We saw lots of elk (my favorite animal) and a few deer.
The rest of the weekend we did some landscaping. Erich spoiled me for mother's day and bought me a bunch of new flowers and plants for the yard (that way they'd last longer) During the process Jake discovered how much fun a hose can be. I just love watching him explore and discover things. It ended up being a win-win: we taught him how to water the plants.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real is always better

As much as Jake loves his little four wheeler, what he really loves is Dad's big ATV. As soon as we say the word "Ride", Jake starts giggling and wiggling in excitement. Take close look at his smile in the pics...I would say he is one happy little fella whenever on dad's ATV.

This last week was lots of fun. My mom and dad spoiled us for a little visit. It was so wonderful having them around. My dad let me lose again and the again at cards, my mom made all sorts of decorations for Jakes play room (I'll post some pics when I get it all done), and admist the 20-50 mph winds we managed to make it outside for a few walks and afternoons in the park. There's just nothing like having parents around helping out. I was sad to say goodbye.