Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Pains of Parenthood

We love our little guy but he sure has a lot of personality and it can be hard to contain all his enthusiasm and energy. Unfortunately Erich has the mark to prove that sometimes parenting is painful. He and Jake were playing with Jake's wooden airplane (that his uncle made for him), Jake got a little excited and whopped Erich good in the face busting it open in two places. Of course this was the day or two before we had an appointment for family portraits!

McKinley thankfully is a little less rough on us (unless we are talking about nights of sleep). We've been struggling with tummy time for a month or so and finally today she stayed on her tummy for a whole five minutes without crying...a very exciting moment (yes I know when you are a parent you get excited over little things that are fairly unintersting to the rest of the world but thrilling to you).

Now that the weather is a little nicer we've been able to get out skiing. Although our first skiing trip with both kids was a bit disastrous and very discouraging, we gave it another chance and the kids have been great since. Jake has become quite the little ski instructor telling us to slow down or not fall or to go this way. We took Gauge on his first trip and he loved it!!! On the way up there Jake insisted on holding was pretty funny as Gauge pretty much took over Jake's car seat. Our little boy sure loves his dogs.