Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fun

Fourth of July was quite entertaining with Jake. He had no problem staying up for the firework show with all the excitement that was going on. He mastered the word "boom boom" and is still using it a week later anytime he hears a big noise. In nursery Sunday the teacher mentioned the word fire in her lesson and Jake shouted out "boom boom!"
The Fourth was extra fun this year because we got to spend it with my sister and her family. My nephew came home from his mission and my niece got baptized so it certainly was a weekend of celebration. Erich had to work all but Sunday but he managed to come over and meet us for the firework show--Jake was very happy his dad could join in on the fun. And of course no visit with teenage girls would have been complete without a little bit of shopping and a viewing of the new Twilight movie!

Beyond fourth of July we've been having a pretty lazy summer. One of my favorite things about Twin Falls are the hot sunny days. Jake and I spend most of our evenings in the backyard playing with his water toys or teeball. It's funny just a few months ago I was a little concerned that Jake wasn't more into sports--I had no need to worry--it's now literally hours of baseball a day. I think he has a bit of an obsessive personality....I wonder where he gets that from ? ! ?