Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sticking around and enjoying town

After a several weekends of road trips we were ready to just stick around home for awhile. So the last month we've explored the area around twin falls--going on a few ski trips, play dates and dinner parties. It's fun Jake is finally at the age where he actually plays WITH kids instead of just BY them. He has a neighbor boy he just adores and always asks for. We had some friends over and they had a riot sliding down the stairs together in a big mosh pile. Jake is also getting into crafts. His favorite are painting and cutting shapes.
McKinley's big accomplishment is learning to sit up on her own. One day she could sit for a few seconds, the next day a few minutes. She was so proud of herself she just sat there and giggled. Those are the moments you just love being a mom! We've started feeding her real food but she hasn't quite figured out how to swallow, she has however mastered the art of spitting it all out!