Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're Lame I know

I feel like all of our blog posts are the same....we are remodeling such and such and we squeezed in a hike somewhere. Sorry for the repetition but that's our life these days, simple, unvarying, but pleasant.

So on that note, here's the house update:

After a year of remodeling, we finally contracted a project out--the carpet. We still tore out the old carpet and installed the padding and tack board ourselves, but we actually paid someone to come do some work for us. It was FABULOUS! I loved going to work in the morning and coming back to a completed project that I contribued nothing to!!! Our entire upstairs is now carpeted, which brings me to the next picture which is the beginning of the nursery (one of the rooms upstairs). As you can tell it needed a little TLC. Sorry no "after" pictures yet, we still need to figure out whether to add blue or pink before we can finish it all up. I had our ultrasound scheduled for next week but I postponed it because Erich is off on another fire detail. This one is in an inital attack assignment down in New Mexico with a 20 man smokejumper crew.
With no Erich around I took the liberty of sluffing off remodeling work this weeked. Instead of slaving away on the house I enjoyed Saturday biking with some good friends along the Lewiston River. It was a very fun little adventure and the day of sun and relaxation was much appreciated! I should have taken pictures because the trees were blooming and it was gorgeous.

(Erich's sheetrocking what used to be lovely wood paneling)

I've been trying to avoid the camera like the plague but because people keep asking me, here's a prego pic.

Monday, April 14, 2008

One snowy b-day

You might be wondering why I am posting a blurry picture of Erich, but it was snowing so hard that I couldn't get a clear picture. Erich hasn't had too many snowy birthdays so this is a picture of him and Libby celebrating his b-day in the snow! The weather here is crazy, it snowed for weeks straight then we had 3 sunshiny days that were 70 degrees and bam, back to snow again 4 inches and still snowing kind of snow!
This is a hike Erich and I went on to get out of the house and to celebrate the sunshine. It's beautiful, steep country right off the Clearwater river (about 2o minutes from our house). We started from the base of the mountains you can see in the background so as you can tell it was a a pretty big, fun hike.
This is a picture from one of the viewpoints we stopped at so I could rest.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Week of Surgeries

This was a much anticipated week for Erich....he finally got LASIK surgery!!! For those of you who don't know Erich is (or was) quite blind without glasses or contacts, which are quite inconvenient when you work as a firefighter. So he finally got the eyes fixed. We went down to Boise for the surgery and it was quite a fascinating process. The actual laser surgery took less than 40 seconds per eye. Erich was a little discomfortable the day of the surgery, but he could see pretty clear the morning after. The doctor says he has a blurry 20/15 vision (which is better than 20/20). It will take 30 days for his vision to completely correct itself, but so far it's been amazing! It's definitely very exciting.

Libby felt left out of the excitement so she jumped off the embankment and got a gnarly cut on her leg. We took her to the after hours vet, where they had a Pet ambulance. We thought it was pretty funny so we took a picture, but no, Libby didn't get to ride in it (Can't imagine how much that would have cost). The next few pictures are of Libby the gimp. We spared you pics of the actual wound since we already traumatized you with Erich's stomach. It's been pretty sad, hopefully she'll heal up quick cause we miss our little hiking buddy.

So we are back in G-ville now, but it was sure fun spending last week in Boise. We got to catch up with good friends and squeeze in some shopping. And I had fun looking at baby stuff :)

The sunny days of Boise were a much appreciated break from the snowy, gloom of G-ville. It was storming when we left and returned to G-ville but it was t-shirts and sun for a few days there in Boise. I just love having such a considerate boss who let me work from Boise last week so I could go down with Erich. It makes Erich's traveling a lot easier when I get to go with him!

The Week of Surgeries