Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Week of Surgeries

This was a much anticipated week for Erich....he finally got LASIK surgery!!! For those of you who don't know Erich is (or was) quite blind without glasses or contacts, which are quite inconvenient when you work as a firefighter. So he finally got the eyes fixed. We went down to Boise for the surgery and it was quite a fascinating process. The actual laser surgery took less than 40 seconds per eye. Erich was a little discomfortable the day of the surgery, but he could see pretty clear the morning after. The doctor says he has a blurry 20/15 vision (which is better than 20/20). It will take 30 days for his vision to completely correct itself, but so far it's been amazing! It's definitely very exciting.

Libby felt left out of the excitement so she jumped off the embankment and got a gnarly cut on her leg. We took her to the after hours vet, where they had a Pet ambulance. We thought it was pretty funny so we took a picture, but no, Libby didn't get to ride in it (Can't imagine how much that would have cost). The next few pictures are of Libby the gimp. We spared you pics of the actual wound since we already traumatized you with Erich's stomach. It's been pretty sad, hopefully she'll heal up quick cause we miss our little hiking buddy.

So we are back in G-ville now, but it was sure fun spending last week in Boise. We got to catch up with good friends and squeeze in some shopping. And I had fun looking at baby stuff :)

The sunny days of Boise were a much appreciated break from the snowy, gloom of G-ville. It was storming when we left and returned to G-ville but it was t-shirts and sun for a few days there in Boise. I just love having such a considerate boss who let me work from Boise last week so I could go down with Erich. It makes Erich's traveling a lot easier when I get to go with him!


meagan said...

That cast is a hoot! Hope she gets better soon. Erich congrats on the great vision, I'm pretty jealous, maybe someday I'll get brave enough. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying life.

Johnson Family said...

Congrats Erich that is so exciting! Poor libby! I am sure she is just hating that huge cast! How are you feeling Kara?

RaeAnn and Paul said...

So I have been wondering how Erich's surgery went; sounds like a success. He definately got me considering it. Poor poor Libby. I guess she was jealous of Erich's attention. It was so fun to see you last week! Wish we could have done more. At least we got in the necessary eating, Max X, and King of the Hill.

Jeff and Lea said...

Hope Erich can see clearly now, j/k. Poor Libby, she is so cute in that cast. Is she still wearing it?