Saturday, August 29, 2009

The summer goes by too fast!

Life has been crazy busy lately. I decided to take one last vacation before starting work. As usual my trip involved Montana and boating! It is so pretty in Montana, I don't seem to want to go anywhere else.

(I am one happy girl in this pic; there is just something so peaceful and relaxing about boating at night)

(we were laying on the boat catching some rays when I looked over and saw this moose was pretty fun watching it).

Jake adapts just fine to my vacation style. He definitely loves the boat. His favorite spot is on the back where he can watch the tubers/skiers.

It is nice to get Jake around his cousins and grandparents. My brother has a boy who is only 1 year older (Leyton) and the two of them are already trouble!

(Jake playing with his cousins' fishing rod)

After MT I met up with some good college friends in Pallisades. One of my friends' has a cabin there. It was an awesome weekend of relaxation, a perfect way to live up my last weekend before starting work. We had so much fun boating, staying up playing games, cooking dutch oven, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics, which is a shame because it was gorgeous.
So that covers the PLAY part of my for the WORK part.
My first week of work was awesome! It is really fun to be back at work and the firm is as great as I was hoping for.
And speaking of work Erich has been traveling for fires, hence the all Kara/Jake post. Thankfully summer is winding up and we'll be seeing more of Erich here soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

And It All Comes together

Life in the Gleckler household has been full of change and anxiety so far this year. As thrilled as Erich and I were about moving to Twin, it has taken awhile for all the pieces of our life to settle into place. After months of waiting and anticipation things are finally coming together. I was telling my family that it felt like my birthday everyday of this week as I received good news after good news. We finally got the offer on our house in Grangeville, we made progress towards getting Jake on a routine/schedule, we locked in interest rates for our new house at a summer low (for those of you following interest rates you know that they have been swinging around like crazy the last several months), and last, but certainly not least, I got a job offer at a small law firm here in Twin. Our family has certainly been abundantly blessed and I am very grateful and humble. I feel sheepish for fretting so much when I should have had faith that all would work out. At any rate lots of prayers answered and hopes fulfilled in the Gleckler home.

And to top it all off I got to spend my birthday with Erich, a first in our marriage since he is typically off fighting fire this time of year. Now most of you would expect us to have done something adventurous to celebrate but this year the thing I wanted most was just to have dinner and a movie and time at home with my family so that is what we did. It's so fun watching Jake with his dad, he gets so excited to see him he squeals and flails and it's pretty darn adorable. And although he doesn't show it as much, Dad likes to be with Jake a whole lot too; they are pretty good buds those two.

As for Jake he now has two front teeth and two bottom teeth. He's not walking a whole lot yet but he is awefully energetic and curious, definitely my little explorer who doesn't care for kid toys as much as the other stuff he finds.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This has been the month of reunions...a reunion with Erich's family, then a reunion with my high school buds, then a reunion with my extended family (I have 70 cousins on my mom's side alone--crazy I know), then a reunion with my brothers and sisters (sadly minus a sister). Now I'm home for a little bit before heading off to one more reunion with friends. Needless to say it has been one full, fun month.
In the meantime Erich has been down in Nevada and California fighting fires--poor Jake misses his dad but hopefully he'll be home soon.
Apparently I was having too much fun to take many pics so sorry.

(me and my high school buds)