Sunday, August 2, 2009


This has been the month of reunions...a reunion with Erich's family, then a reunion with my high school buds, then a reunion with my extended family (I have 70 cousins on my mom's side alone--crazy I know), then a reunion with my brothers and sisters (sadly minus a sister). Now I'm home for a little bit before heading off to one more reunion with friends. Needless to say it has been one full, fun month.
In the meantime Erich has been down in Nevada and California fighting fires--poor Jake misses his dad but hopefully he'll be home soon.
Apparently I was having too much fun to take many pics so sorry.

(me and my high school buds)


Ashley said...

Whew, busy but fun events right! I love the girlfriend reunion picture. Glad you could all hang out. Jake is sure a cutie!

meagan said...

Glad to hear that you are out having fun while Erich is gone, especially getting to spend time with your family. I miss that already. You'll have to put some pictures up of the house so we can see the progress.