Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thought this day would never come!

Well we finally finished the downstairs living room, which means that we have officically completed our major remodeling touches on the house. We still have a lot of little projects to do but it feels AMAZING to have all the big work done. I will try and get up some before and after pictures.
Since we did not have remodeling work this weekend we headed up to the mountains for a little snowshoe adventure.

We are so lucky that Jake is easygoing. He is pretty content riding along in the pack.
Speaking of the little guy, Jake had his 4 month b-day and checkup. The doctor said Jake was in the 40th percentile for legnth and in the 25th percentile for weight--so that is good news.

I am enjoying the last few months that I can lay Jake down and have him stay. Before long it will be chase time!

Jake's favorite position these days is standing. It is pretty impressive how sturdy he is on those legs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

off to a great new year!

Well we started out the year with Erich getting back to work. His first week was a training in Missoula. The drive over Lolo pass was amazingly beautiful with tons and tons of snow. We took a little detour on the way up for a snowshoe trip along the river. Poor Libby was sinking into snow up to her waist. It looked a little like she was swimming but it didn't even seem to phase her with her endless supply of energy. In Missoula we had fun swimming and working out together at the Motel. It was perfect they had a bike that Erich could use to stregnthen his knee. We did a little snowshoeing in Missoula as well. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Visitors Center of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They had some world record bull elks there that were impressive to say the least. It was fun cause they had a plaque which gave a summarized story of the hunts in which they were killed. It definitely motivated me to go elk hunting this next year. Other than that I got some shopping in and enjoyed the time playing with Jake. Our little guy isn't seeming so little anymore. As you can tell from the one pic it is time we move up a size in his clothes--he got his head stuck in the onsie!

(One snowy road trip! It just doesn't get much prettier than Montana in a fresh snow blanket!)(I can't figure out how to rotate this picture but it makes me laugh so I am posting it anyhow!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love the Holidays

We got to go to Montana for Christmas. It was lots of fun to see my family and some ol' friends. What did we do?

(We went for a lot of walks/hikes. It's so pretty around my parent's house how could we resist?)

(Jacob didn't see too much of the scenary. He LOVES the backpack carrier his aunt and uncle got him...it's so cozy and comfy he falls right to sleep in it).

(We also got in a fair amount of sledding? You are never too old for a good run on the hill right?)

(We played game after game--mainly cards--which of course went hand-in-hand with eating treat after treat.)

(Jake got spoiled by grandma and grandpa)

(We opened presents...well actually our adorable nephews helped open our presents for us. In fact my 3 year old nephew's favorite toy was Erich's goose call which Aiden was sure was a TUBA not a goose call!)

(Erich obliged to celebrating Christmas Reid Style which included lining up in the hallway Christmas morning for pictures and staying up on Christmas Eve until a crazy hour--my parents said it was more like fourish when they got to bed. Does anyone else's parents stay up until 2 in the morning on a regular basis? I was the one telling them it was bedtime!)

(We introduced our adorable son to lots of friends and family)

(and just reflected on how lucky we are to belong to such a fun and great family! It would have been better if everyone was there but it we had a great time nonetheless)