Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yellowstone Park

As soon as Erich got back from his 2 week detail in Texas we loaded up and headed out for a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Helena, MT where we spent a very fun few days hanging out with my brother and his family. This was Erich's first trip to the Park. We were planning on hiking around a lot but there was so much snow that the hiking was limited--we should have brought our skis not our tennis shoes! On the side of the roads there was still four plus feet of snow in areas. The snow made it beautiful though. Of course we saw lots of animals, primarily buffalo. We even saw a wolf and a grizzly bear.
Jake was very nervous about the geysers. I never thought about geysers being scary but they sure were to Jake. He kept telling them to go to sleep. I was taking a picture of Erich in front of Old Faithful, I thought Jake was right behind me but lo and behold the moment the geyser started he had turned around and high tailed it out of there back to the car. The kid was trucking at a full sprint-- he made it several hundred yards before we were able to catch up to him. Jake is at such a fun age he made the whole trip a whole lot more entertaining. It is just so fun to watch him discover the world for the first time.

Once in Helena we had a great time watching Jake play with his older two cousins. The three boys played their little hearts out, which meant Erich and I could enjoy some time with my brother Chuck and his wife. Nothing beats hanging out with family!!!

All in all it was a very needed and wonderful vacation. I love road trips and even more importantly I love having my husband back!