Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been too busy working and playing to post anything about summer. I just can't believe it is already half way over. It has been a typical summer for us in the sense that Erich has already been gone 5 weeks on fire details, which means I have road tripped up to Montana twice! As much as I miss my husband horribly I do love to go to MT. Jake and McKinley sure love their grandparents and my brother Chuck's kids have quite the riot hanging out with Jake. Last trip they were sledding down my parents yard. Leave it to boys to go sledding when it is 90 degrees out.
In between trips work has been busy, busy for Erich and I. Although there aren't too many fires here in Idaho, other parts of the nation have been ablaze. As for me I've had the opportunity to help with some very time-conumsing transactions at work that have been very challenging and demanding but a good opportunity for me to learn and grow.
In addition to MT we were able to go down to UT to meet up with Erich's family. It is the first time in I think six years that all the siblings were together. It was a very fun reunion. I sure hope it doesn't take so long to get back together again cause we all had such a good time. Erich's niece Brandalyn got married. She was one happy bride. She'll be a great wife and I am so excited for her to embark on this new adventure. The whole wedding was absolutely beautiful. Jake was very sad to say goodbye to all his cousins.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


One of my favorite things about the summer is the traveling. To start the season off, Erich spoiled me rotten and let me slip away to Vegas for a little getaway with my sisters, their babies, and my parents. We had SOOO much fun shopping, lazing around the pool, hiking around zions and talking late into the night. I feel so lucky to have the sisters that I do; they truly are my best friends and confidants. We had tons of great laughs and one fun time.

Then last weekend Erich, the kids and I went down to UT for my nieces wedding. It was the first time in six years that Erich's whole family (minus one brother-in-law) has been together. Jake had the time of his life playing with granddad and all of his cousins, and we had fun catching up with each other. The wedding was very special. It was a beautiful and classy and the bride and groom couldn't stop smiling. It's refreshing to see a couple so in love! I wish them the BEST. Now hopefully it will only be a year instead of six until our next Gleckler Family Reunion.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yellowstone Park

As soon as Erich got back from his 2 week detail in Texas we loaded up and headed out for a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Helena, MT where we spent a very fun few days hanging out with my brother and his family. This was Erich's first trip to the Park. We were planning on hiking around a lot but there was so much snow that the hiking was limited--we should have brought our skis not our tennis shoes! On the side of the roads there was still four plus feet of snow in areas. The snow made it beautiful though. Of course we saw lots of animals, primarily buffalo. We even saw a wolf and a grizzly bear.
Jake was very nervous about the geysers. I never thought about geysers being scary but they sure were to Jake. He kept telling them to go to sleep. I was taking a picture of Erich in front of Old Faithful, I thought Jake was right behind me but lo and behold the moment the geyser started he had turned around and high tailed it out of there back to the car. The kid was trucking at a full sprint-- he made it several hundred yards before we were able to catch up to him. Jake is at such a fun age he made the whole trip a whole lot more entertaining. It is just so fun to watch him discover the world for the first time.

Once in Helena we had a great time watching Jake play with his older two cousins. The three boys played their little hearts out, which meant Erich and I could enjoy some time with my brother Chuck and his wife. Nothing beats hanging out with family!!!

All in all it was a very needed and wonderful vacation. I love road trips and even more importantly I love having my husband back!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A big welcome to the sun, but not to the ticks

Since I have been slacking this will be one massive post.

Usually Erich and I cross-country ski because we can take the kids with us. For Valentines day, however we decided to buy ourselves downhill ski tickets. We live close to Sun Valley which is allegedly world class skiing (I am still partial to Discovery, Big Mountain, and Brighton). I was thoroughly impressed with my bargain hunting skills. I found lift tickets for $2 bucks apiece (they are usually $80+ apiece); we left our kids at daycare and headed out for what I thought would be record breaking frugal ski trip. If all had gone as planned it would have been.....but we'll get to that later. It was so awesome to ski without the kids. We couldn't believe it when it only took us five minutes after parking to head up to the mountain (usually it is more like an hour long ordeal getting all the kids and gear ready). It was a super hot day and the skiing was great, the views spectacular, we were feeling good. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter and the snow slushier and slushier. We decided to go to a less traveled route, not such a good idea. The slush was so difficult to navigate through that Erich fell an sliced his ear. So then we became that embarassing couple, you know the ones that have to call in ski patrol. Although Erich being the tough guy that he is did ski down to the bottom of the hill before getting any help. Anyhow after a quick trip to Urgent Care to get Erich's ear stitched up our frugal trip became a little more expensive. Injuries and all, however, it was sure fun to ski together just the two of us. I think this will be a tradition. Maybe next year we will even try teaching Jake.

It is finally starting to thaw out here, which means evenings biking and playing in the back yard, and trading in our skis for hiking shoes. Last Saturday we decided to go check out a waterfall. It was pretty spectacular. You walk out to this canyon and look over a giant spring of water (we live over a huge aquifer). You walk down just a mile down the canyon and the spring-fed creek is really moving. There are even impressive waterfalls. The water, since it is spring-fed, has a beautiful blue hue. It would have been all around amazing if I didn't look down and see several ticks crawling up Erich's leg. Usually as soon as I see ticks I run for the car, but I actually finished the hike out before turning around. Thankfully none of the ticks got any bites in us.....Did I mention how much I HATE ticks!!!

Erich isn't big on vacationing, but each year when he goes to Boise for training he takes us with him. His training this year was this last week. We had LOTS of fun this year. With kids just staying in a hotel, eating yummy breakfasts and playing in the pool is exciting. Add to that the opportunity to go to the big parks, the zoo, the playlands and it is quite a lot of fun. The best part, however, was getting to see some great friends! Jake is still talking about his friends Boston and Jenna!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sticking around and enjoying town

After a several weekends of road trips we were ready to just stick around home for awhile. So the last month we've explored the area around twin falls--going on a few ski trips, play dates and dinner parties. It's fun Jake is finally at the age where he actually plays WITH kids instead of just BY them. He has a neighbor boy he just adores and always asks for. We had some friends over and they had a riot sliding down the stairs together in a big mosh pile. Jake is also getting into crafts. His favorite are painting and cutting shapes.
McKinley's big accomplishment is learning to sit up on her own. One day she could sit for a few seconds, the next day a few minutes. She was so proud of herself she just sat there and giggled. Those are the moments you just love being a mom! We've started feeding her real food but she hasn't quite figured out how to swallow, she has however mastered the art of spitting it all out!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I love Winter

Summer used to be my favorite season until I married Erich. Since Erich is gone so much in the summer fighting fires, winter is when our family really gets to play. The last two weekends we've been on a cabin theme. Last weekend my cousin Chelsea was nice enough to invite us to her in-laws cabin in Island Park. It was a very relaxing winter wonderland trip. I didn't realize just how much snow they get up in Island Park, snow as high as our car. Jake had quite the time following Chelsea and Justin's three little boys around. Aside from the company the highlight was sledding down the hill in kayaks, a fun and different way of sledding. We also made a big hole the boys jumped in...Jake only after much coaxing.

I laughed pretty good when I got this picture. I guess this is what you get when you try and make three little boys pose for a picture!

This weekend we went the more rustic approach. Erich and I are part of a nordic skiing club in town. The club puts up a canvas tent that you can rent to ski into so we backpacked the kids in and head a very fun little family adventure. It was pretty windy and Jake was sure the sound of the wind through the trees was a waterfall...he kept on asking for us to take him to see the waterfall.
It was our first backpacking trip with the two kids and overall it was a very fun time. Since we had to carry our gear down we didn't want to take sleeping bags for the kids so we put them in our down coats instead...I thought they looked pretty cute sleeping that way!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Pains of Parenthood

We love our little guy but he sure has a lot of personality and it can be hard to contain all his enthusiasm and energy. Unfortunately Erich has the mark to prove that sometimes parenting is painful. He and Jake were playing with Jake's wooden airplane (that his uncle made for him), Jake got a little excited and whopped Erich good in the face busting it open in two places. Of course this was the day or two before we had an appointment for family portraits!

McKinley thankfully is a little less rough on us (unless we are talking about nights of sleep). We've been struggling with tummy time for a month or so and finally today she stayed on her tummy for a whole five minutes without crying...a very exciting moment (yes I know when you are a parent you get excited over little things that are fairly unintersting to the rest of the world but thrilling to you).

Now that the weather is a little nicer we've been able to get out skiing. Although our first skiing trip with both kids was a bit disastrous and very discouraging, we gave it another chance and the kids have been great since. Jake has become quite the little ski instructor telling us to slow down or not fall or to go this way. We took Gauge on his first trip and he loved it!!! On the way up there Jake insisted on holding Gauge...it was pretty funny as Gauge pretty much took over Jake's car seat. Our little boy sure loves his dogs.