Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been too busy working and playing to post anything about summer. I just can't believe it is already half way over. It has been a typical summer for us in the sense that Erich has already been gone 5 weeks on fire details, which means I have road tripped up to Montana twice! As much as I miss my husband horribly I do love to go to MT. Jake and McKinley sure love their grandparents and my brother Chuck's kids have quite the riot hanging out with Jake. Last trip they were sledding down my parents yard. Leave it to boys to go sledding when it is 90 degrees out.
In between trips work has been busy, busy for Erich and I. Although there aren't too many fires here in Idaho, other parts of the nation have been ablaze. As for me I've had the opportunity to help with some very time-conumsing transactions at work that have been very challenging and demanding but a good opportunity for me to learn and grow.
In addition to MT we were able to go down to UT to meet up with Erich's family. It is the first time in I think six years that all the siblings were together. It was a very fun reunion. I sure hope it doesn't take so long to get back together again cause we all had such a good time. Erich's niece Brandalyn got married. She was one happy bride. She'll be a great wife and I am so excited for her to embark on this new adventure. The whole wedding was absolutely beautiful. Jake was very sad to say goodbye to all his cousins.

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