Sunday, November 9, 2008

Out and About

Erich has made lots of improvement these past days...he's now almost off the crutches wohoo! It's so nice to feel a little more mobile as a family. We took advantage of the mobility this past Wednesday and went crusing around the mountains near Grangeville in hopes of scouting out some good hunting spots. Unfortunately we didn't see too many animals, but we had a good time nonetheless. It's so beautiful around here. Jacob was very compliant with the outing...thankfully he loves his carseat, his backpack, and the fresh air.

Now that I am not working I've been able to join some ladies in the ward who do the Power 90X workouts. For those of you who know me, you know that I am very excited to be working out hard again. And for those of you who need a good workout, I definitely recommend P 90X--it pretty much kicks my trash. I also joined a ladies volleyball league which I am absolutely loving. I hadn't played volleyball for so long I had forgotten how much I LOVE the game!

This week I also hosted a Fondue/Game Party as part of my attempt to get some special interest groups started in enrichment. We got in a lot of laughs and calories which made for one fun filled night. Anyhow as you can tell I am loving this stay at home mom life and am trying to take advantauge of this opportunity.

As for a Jake update..I really dreaded him growing bigger and older--I didn't think he could be any sweeter and cuter than he was as a little newborn, but now I know I was wrong. This past week he started smiling and cooing and really kicking his arms and legs in excitement. It's hard to capture with a camera, but it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! This is such a fun stage and we're sure enjoying it.

And speaking of Jake thanks for all of you who gave us great binky advice. I appreciate the input and feel much better now about letting him indulge in his binky love!

Jake loves to sleep in this "touchdown" pose with his arms and legs outstretched. It looks awefully uncomortable to me, but it is hi typical sleeping position. Anyhow we think it's kinda cute and random so we thought we'd post a picture of it.

Out and About