Monday, November 19, 2007

House Report

Kara and her last minute crisis of color. She thought she liked yellow until she saw it on the walls.

Exciting News, we finished the living room and den. Kara's mom has been here this week and it has been like a concentration camp. I have managed to break out and go duck hunting with Libby most mornings though.

Finally, sitting down and relaxing.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hunting Report

This was Kara's first year to hunt. While I was camping with the boy scouts, Dad helped Kara shoot a doe. When Kara shot the doe it just disappeared from her view and she was not sure if she had gotten it. So, Dad was able to film Kara's reaction to finding the deer. Thus, the surprised look on her face in the picture when she found it. I like to call this Kara's Glamour shot :)

As for myself, I decided to hold out for another monster buck. Ok, I felt bad about hunting and not working on the house, so I told Heavenly Father that the first thing that had antlers I would shoot (hoping that he would send me the daddy of all bucks). As you can see I guess the Lord rewards the rightous with meat not horns.