Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing the Mountains

Unfortunately there aren't any mountains right in Twin Falls so we've been spending the last several weekends taking road trips to the hills. It's been awesome. First we went to Stanley for a weekend of intense cross-country skiing. The scenery was spectacular--some of the most impressive terrain I've ever seen. We had two beautiful sunny days. We spent the night at a little hot springs resort. While soaking in the springs you looked right up at the peaks (the view from the springs is the fourth pic up). Pretty awesome. Then last weekend we spent the long weekend down in UT visiting all our friends and enjoying a little ski getaway. Erich's very fun niece and nephew attend BYU so we hooked up with them for some Downhill and cross-country skiing.
In between our little trips we've been busy laughing at our little boy. He is definitely fiesty but also a whole lot of fun. His favorite thing of the week is bringing us a blanket and having us pull him around on it--the magic blanket ride. At last he's starting to say more words. The most exciting of which is "Geese". Erich was outside in the garage and Jake pointed to Erich's goose decoys and said "geese". Should I be worried already?!?