Monday, November 8, 2010

Everything is Delayed these days

I know Halloween is old news now, but it is taking me longer to do everything now, so here is my late Halloween update. We had lots of fun with our adorable little puppy Jake. He was so excited to be a dog, when we took him to the mirror so he could see what he looked like he just smiled and smiled, and then barked! I'm traditionally not that festive but trying to be better now that I have kids so we went to the corn maze, picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, and even made pumpkin (or kind-of pumpkin looking) sugar cookies. Erich and I got a good laugh out of Jake's cookie, every inch of that cookie was covered with 3 layers of m&m's. Have we mentioned that our little guy has quite the sweet tooth!
The best part was trick or treating with Jake. he was very good at saying Trick or Treat and Thank You.

We didn't dress up McKinley this year, maybe next but here are a few new pics. My good friend came down from Grangeville and spoiled me by taking some pics (these aren't hers but mine that I was taking behind the scenes).