Thursday, June 19, 2008


So here is a pretty random assortment of pictures but it is what we've been working on these past few weeks. Most exciting for me is that Erich bought me a new crib. So here's picture of my new prized possession. I was quite proud I put it all together myself. It's hard to tell from the pictures but the nursery is Sports themed :)

We've had some beautiful sunny days so we've been laboring hard on the landscaping. The outside of our house was really ran down so we've been trying to spruce it up. We bought shutters, a new front door, and we put in railing along the porch. There used to be these humongous unruly juniper trees around the front of the house but we cut them down to open it up and replaced them with flower and shrub gardens. It's not all done but it's looking a lot better.

(this is Erich pulling out one of the 3 big trees in the front of our yard)

This next picture is of the beautiful canyon above our house. It is so green here right now I am loving it. I was all excited for the good weather and I dragged Erich on this hike, but then 10 minutes into it I found a tick crawling on Erich. I am absolutely petrified of ticks so that hike didn't last long. When we got back to the car we found several more of the little buggers. So nasty!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Couldn't Be more EXCITED!!!

Erich was going to entertain you all with another fun way to announce the big news, but he has been too busy slaving away on the house to work on the blog. So I will just tell you that we found out that we are having a little baby BOY!! We both really wanted baby Gleckler number one to be a boy so we are pretty ecstatic. It was lots of fun seeing him on the ultrasound. He's big and healthy, and lately very squirmy. I felt him kick for the first time while at the temple with Lauren and Jamie so that was pretty special. Now he's kicking all the time, well except for when Erich is trying to feel him kick :) Anyhow the pregnancy is going great, right now I am working on the nursery. I'll post pictures when I have it all done.