Monday, September 28, 2009

Can't believe it has been one year

Last Sunday we celebrated Jake's first birthday. I can't believe it has already been one year. The one thing I know is that he is changing way too fast.

We had one very fun birthday. Erich's parent's and a few sisters came up to help celebrate. I bought Jake a bunch of presents thinking they were more for my entertainment than his, but boy was I wrong. We must have spent almost an hour laughing at Jake opening/playing with his gifts. There was no mistaking that Jake knew there were toys in those gift bags. He spent a lot of time exploring each toy we got him--most of which were cars as that is his most recent craze.

I even impressed myself by making a German chocolate cake from scratch in the trailer--let's just say I haven't cooked much this summer considering our living arrangements. To my pleasant surprise the cake actually turned out (Thanks to the Petersens for the awesome recipe!). Jake was easy on us though, he hardly made a mess at all. He was much more interested in eating the candle then the cake and he had more fun with the plate than the cake...that's Jake for you!

Anyhow we had a great time and were very appreciative that we had some family around to join in on the fun. Now if Jake would just stop growing so fast....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Surprise, Erich was gone on a fire assignment to UT for Labor Day. He was actually very lucky, he got sent to Richfield which is where his parents and sister lives. While there he met his nephew, Isaac, who was born in July, and got to give the fam a tour of the helibase. While Erich was busy working, Jake and I went to Island Park for a weekend of camping with my parents. It was gorgeous and the perfect relaxation after a fun, but very busy first few weeks of work. Here are some pics from the trip. Can I just say that I LOVE having parents that are retired and so willing to vacation with me :) The weekend was gorgeous, we saw a cool bull moose, we woke up to elk bugling, we rafted down the river, grandpa spoiled Jake with ice cream and pizza (he's officially American now), we drove up to a lookout point, and we visited the headwaters of the snake river. All in all quite one great Labor day Holiday.