Monday, November 19, 2007

House Report

Kara and her last minute crisis of color. She thought she liked yellow until she saw it on the walls.

Exciting News, we finished the living room and den. Kara's mom has been here this week and it has been like a concentration camp. I have managed to break out and go duck hunting with Libby most mornings though.

Finally, sitting down and relaxing.


ben & meag said...

Hey Guys, the room looks great and soo much bigger with it all done. The furniture looks so nice. Isn't matching stuff great. Erich you're face is great in the house picture and Kara your face is great in the deer one. Congrats you big hunters. Hope that thanksgiving was great.

Jeff and Lea said...

Wow, your house is really coming along! We are so excited for you three. (Can't forget about Libby)