Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I love Winter

Summer used to be my favorite season until I married Erich. Since Erich is gone so much in the summer fighting fires, winter is when our family really gets to play. The last two weekends we've been on a cabin theme. Last weekend my cousin Chelsea was nice enough to invite us to her in-laws cabin in Island Park. It was a very relaxing winter wonderland trip. I didn't realize just how much snow they get up in Island Park, snow as high as our car. Jake had quite the time following Chelsea and Justin's three little boys around. Aside from the company the highlight was sledding down the hill in kayaks, a fun and different way of sledding. We also made a big hole the boys jumped in...Jake only after much coaxing.

I laughed pretty good when I got this picture. I guess this is what you get when you try and make three little boys pose for a picture!

This weekend we went the more rustic approach. Erich and I are part of a nordic skiing club in town. The club puts up a canvas tent that you can rent to ski into so we backpacked the kids in and head a very fun little family adventure. It was pretty windy and Jake was sure the sound of the wind through the trees was a waterfall...he kept on asking for us to take him to see the waterfall.
It was our first backpacking trip with the two kids and overall it was a very fun time. Since we had to carry our gear down we didn't want to take sleeping bags for the kids so we put them in our down coats instead...I thought they looked pretty cute sleeping that way!

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Johnson Family said...

We had a great time with you guys. We will have to do it again this summer. Then you might change your mind again about your favorite season!

I love the picture of the boys. Hilarious!