Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're Lame I know

I feel like all of our blog posts are the same....we are remodeling such and such and we squeezed in a hike somewhere. Sorry for the repetition but that's our life these days, simple, unvarying, but pleasant.

So on that note, here's the house update:

After a year of remodeling, we finally contracted a project out--the carpet. We still tore out the old carpet and installed the padding and tack board ourselves, but we actually paid someone to come do some work for us. It was FABULOUS! I loved going to work in the morning and coming back to a completed project that I contribued nothing to!!! Our entire upstairs is now carpeted, which brings me to the next picture which is the beginning of the nursery (one of the rooms upstairs). As you can tell it needed a little TLC. Sorry no "after" pictures yet, we still need to figure out whether to add blue or pink before we can finish it all up. I had our ultrasound scheduled for next week but I postponed it because Erich is off on another fire detail. This one is in an inital attack assignment down in New Mexico with a 20 man smokejumper crew.
With no Erich around I took the liberty of sluffing off remodeling work this weeked. Instead of slaving away on the house I enjoyed Saturday biking with some good friends along the Lewiston River. It was a very fun little adventure and the day of sun and relaxation was much appreciated! I should have taken pictures because the trees were blooming and it was gorgeous.

(Erich's sheetrocking what used to be lovely wood paneling)

I've been trying to avoid the camera like the plague but because people keep asking me, here's a prego pic.


meagan said...

Kara, you barely look preggers, it's pretty cute. Plus I had to look long and hard to find a picture of my mom pregnant with me and we only found one random one. So someday you're little baby will appreciate knowing what you looked like when you were preggers with him/her. It sounds like the house is getting close to done. Good work guys and keep us posted about the babies gender!

Johnson Family said...

I am so excited to find out what your having! You look so cute! I bet it is so nice to have new carpet. You guys are doing such an awsome job on your house. Its beautiful!

RaeAnn and Paul said...

Love the pics--especially seeing the future mommy kara! Can't wait to see after pics--of you and the house :)

Jeff and Lea said...

I agree with Meagan, you don't look all that pregnant. You look great, seriously. So glad you guys took a break from doing everything on your own. Bet that felt great to not have to do the carpet.