Sunday, May 11, 2008

A little Road Trip

Erich got assigned to another detail down in New Mexico so I headed down to Utah to spend some time with friends. It was a long drive but very worth it. The first few days I spent with Di (my roommate and best bud from the BYU days). Then I headed up to Kaysville and spent a few days with the Law school crew. It's convenient that so many of my law school friends live within 1 mile of each other!

(Di and I on a little camping adventure. We tried to camp at Mount Timpanogas but there was too much snow still so we just headed up one of the lower canyons.)

(Di and I found this little waterfall to hike up to)

(Di and Chris tried teaching me how to play tennis. As you can tell it turned into more of a game of chase the balls!)

(The weather was absolutely gorgeous so I spent a lot of time in the park with the law school ladies. You can tell I'm the only one from Idaho as I am still brilliantly white with no sign of a tan!)

(One of my favorite things was going to the Bountiful temple with Lauren and Jamie. I went to the Bountiful temple open house several years ago but I've never been through a session. It's a very gorgeous temple and it's always special to attend the temple with close friends and family).


Jeff and Lea said...

Hey, glad you had a great road trip. You look great in all the pictures, I look very white too. No tan on me. Happy Mother's Day to you. Talk to you later. Oh yeah, when are you going to have your ultrasound?

RaeAnn and Paul said...

It just doesn't feel right that you went on a road trip and it didn't include a stop to boise! glad you had fun and became a tennis pro!!

meagan said...

I'd say that's a more of a real road trip than a "little" road trip, but it sounds like tons of fun! Good for you for getting out and enjoying the start of summer. Ben was gone flying this weekend and I only went on a 1.5 hour trip, not nearly as cool. Glad to hear things are going good!

Johnson Family said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Ha ha guess what I almost all the pictures on your page you pose with your hands in your pockets, so does Erich. That is so cute! I love it! Its the Gleckler Pose! When will you find out what gender baby Gleckler is?

Natalie said...

Road trips are fun. I am jealous you got to see all the law school ladies. That is one bad thing about being out here in Florida. Glad you had fun and it was great to check out the pictures and your cute little bump. I'm anxious to hear any more baby updates. Are you finding out what you're having?