Friday, May 30, 2008

One Extraordinary Fella

This weekend Erich and I went down to Idaho Falls for my nephew, Robert's, mission farewell. All of my sisters made it as well as my brother and his family so it was a blast. A bit chaotic and loud, but a blast nonetheless. While my family was all together we also celebrated my dad's retirment and my sisters threw me a surprise baby shower. Unfortunately I kept forgetting my camera so I don't have too many pictures to capture all the fun moments. It was a pretty jam packed vacation. We went swimming, played kickball, volleyball, and round after round of cards. We also went golfing a few times and got completely soaked and hailed on, but I had my best round ever and Erich literally got a birdie...He was pitching his ball, he sent it through the trees and literally hit and killed a bird...only Erich would go hunting for birds on the golf course :) Anyhow it was a great vacation, and I am glad we were all togehter for one final hoorah before Robert leaves for two years. He is an extraordinary guy, and I will miss him tons. Family vacations certainly won't be the same without him, but I know he'll do amazing things as a missionary in Argentina. He's just the kind of guy you want representing the church!

(My whole family at church after Robert's talk)

(This is Robert and a few of his sisters. I posted this picture so you could see the big rug burn on Robert's forehead that Erich so kindly gave him the night before in a wrestling match, Robert and Erich were a hoot together between all of their roughousing and pranks. They may have been outnumberd by the lady folk but they certainly weren't out-energized)

(My sisters and I with Robert at the Idaho Falls Temple)

(The Idaho Falls Temple after our session)

(These are my adorable neices (Robert's sisters). My sisters and I had a lot of fun taking them shopping and embarassing them with dance parties in the car)


New Mexican Youngs said...

Erich if someone could kill something while doing anything it would be you. I can't stop laughing! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy and having fun. We hope all the travels might bring you to New Mexico (other than the fire and Kara has to come too). Hope all is well.

RaeAnn and Paul said...

Wow, I can't believe how old your n&n's have become! AWESOME pic of the temple; that is one artistic eye that caught that.

meagan said...

looks like another fun roadtrip for you guys. Kara your family is so cute! And Erich pretty impressive with the birdie and the rug burn, wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Celeste Adams said...

What a fun vacation to Idaho Falls. I forgot how beautiful the temple was, especially at night. You snapped an awesome picture of it. Congrats on your new baby boy. Boys are lots of fun and less maintenance than girls. Maybe we'll be able to see each other this summer when you visit Idaho, we will be there the end of June to the middle of July.