Friday, May 23, 2008

Climbing and Refinishing

Right after Erich got home, he took the scouts up to the climbing wall in Moscow. I tagged along as the photographer. It was a very fun trip, some of the boys were pretty impressive climbers.

Last week was devoted to refinishing the wood floors. It was quite the endeavor ... lots of long, hard, late nights of work but it feels great to finally have them done.

We finally got some hot sunny days. We took a little break and headed down to the river thinking we would chill out on the beach. When we got there the beach was completely submerged so we hung out on the grass instead.


meagan said...

that weather looks awesome. I'm excited for some good old dry heat and mountains in a few days. I'm so impressed at how industrious and busy you guys are. The floors look great, and the pictures make me kinda miss Moscow.

Natalie said...

The floor looks awesome. You have been working so hard, but it is all turning out so beautifully.

Jeff and Lea said...

The wood floors look so good! You guys really amaze me! I'm serious about maybe hiring you guys to do our house someday! I bet that just made you cringe. Haha

a. said...

wow. Gorgeous floors!!! Love it! ...and your little family is so cute...I wish we could all our puppies together...!