Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend Erich and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It was lots of fun. It is pretty unusual that Erich isn't either on fires or out hunting on our anniversary so we enjoyed just the fact we were together for our anniversary! Since Erich doesn't like "mushy" stuff (as he puts it), I'll spare him the embarassment of posting lots of wedding pictures or a tribute to why I love him so much. Suffice it to say Erich is a fabulous husband and it was fun to celebrate five years, as each year of marriage just gets better and better.

(This is one of Erich and I's engagement pictures)

(Since it was our 5th wedding anniversary I cooked a five course BBQ rib meal and gave him five presents...one to follow each of his courses. I think I enjoy doing the romantic stuff more than Erich enjoy receiving it, but it was a fun evening nonetheless. Most of Erich's gifts revovled around bird hunting as that is his new craze these days)


For those of you who know me, I LOVE traveling, but I am supposed to stay close to the hospital right now so we had to stick around for the weekend. I was pretty bummed at first but we managed to have a pretty eventful weekend.

I couldn't quite convince Erich to go camping...something about "why should I sleep on the hard ground when I have a perfectly good bed at home" (which one would think is a more likely comment to come from the 8 1/2 month pregnant woman than the hardy outdoors husband...but hey). At any rate Friday we went up to Fish Creek Campground and had a picnic dinner, rode 4 wheelers and ate schmores with the Petersens...then we came home to play cards. The girls have been on a several month winning streak but the guys came back and put us to SHAME, it was an embarrassing performance by the lady folk but we'll come back---not that I am competetive or anything! Saturday Terri, Kelli and I went down to the river...we even tried a new beach this time which was very beautiful, though a bit chilly. When I got in the river baby Gleckler really started moving around and kicking...I think he was shocked by how cool the water was. Saturday night was the long anticipated BYU FOOTBALL GAME....go COUGS! I absolutely love football and with the Hall/Pita/Collie/Unga + combo it is bound to be one heck of a fantastic season. One reason to just love the fall. If only we could get down to UT and make a football game live!

SUNDAY we went back to the river with a few friends for tin foil dinners and fires. The guys made fun of me for taking so many pictures so they made some great poses and mocked my photo happy habits. Erich finally caved in though and gave me my "posed" shot. What a great husband! Even Libby cooperated. It really is spectacular here down along the river.


Monday was the highlight for Erich. We went up to Lewiston with the Petersens to shop and eat out and then Erich, Bryan, Logan and I headed out to go Dove Hunting. It was pretty poor hunting at first...only two doves for two hours of hiking, but then we drove around and found the honey spot where we got into hundreds of birds. I think we ended up going home with 11 birds all together only one of which was possibly mine and most of which were Erich and Bryan's. It was one of the more enjoyable hunting days. For awhile there the birds kept coming in and coming in (and I kept missing them and missing them again).

The scenery was beautiful out there on the rolling fields. I tried to take a pictures but it doesn't really capture it--it was a little late and the sunset all but over. The guys were proud of their kill though--Doves are very quick birds and challenging to shoot.

WEWH...that was one thorough recap of our weekend. To sum it up...good times--we'll see if we can slip in a few more outings before baby Gleckler decides to arrive.


Jeff and Lea said...

Wow, that was a big post. But a great one at that. Happy Anniversary. Glad you guys got to spend it together. You are such a cute wife to Erich to make a 5 course meal with 5 presents too. By the way the house looks great. Love your dining room table. Jeff is getting ready for hunting. Well not archery, but rifle. We are heading home in Oct, because Jeff, his brother, and I drew out on the bull hunt. I may only hunt a day, and spend the rest with family and friends. My little sister has her senior night volleyball game on opening day. I told Jeff he HAS to come to it, he says "we'll see". He misses the Moscow hunting too. In fact he keeps saying that instead of going home for Christmas, we should head over to Grangeville in Nov and go whitetail hunting with the Glecklers. I take it that he is joking, but I think he really wants too. Good luck with Baby Gleckler, coming up fast!

meagan said...

It looks like every minute of your 3 day weekend was packed with fun! Ben and I had been trying to figure out if it was 4 or 5 years for you guys and we decided on 5 since you went to Europe to get him from his mission. Congrats on 5 fun-filled years! Glad to hear that the bird hunting is going well. For some reason I've never had the desire to shoot one of those little doves, but I imagine they are a lot like quail. I'm coming home in a few weeks and am so excited about going hunting. We've been trying to get Ace home to hunt, but we're just not sure it's worth the $400 plane ticket for him too. Glad you had a great Ann. and you'll have to keep us up to date on the baby development since it's getting close!

Natalie said...

Wow!! That was a full weekend! Congrats on 5 years!!! We are big BYU fans here too, so that was nice since we were pretty much stuck inside because of hurricane Gustav. Looking at all those pictures makes me miss the mountains. It's beautiful here, but it's totally different. No mountains to hike. I bet you are getting anxious for the little guy to get here too!! It will be fun to see how he fits into things!

Jason and Amy Smith said...

Hi Kara!! Happy 5th and Congrats! I've decided this isn't a bad way to keep in touch, since I'm so great at email and phone calls. I love reading your posts cause you and I are so much alike! I love that you appreciate all the fun things in life like Ang and I do!! I'm excited for you to have your little one... can't be too long now? Keep me posted! Love ya girl.

RaeAnn said...

So pretty. What a great weekend. I got your message and THANKS! I know it is far past my turn to go visit you, but when will it be??? do you have a boy name set?

a. said...

Congratulations on the big five!!! It sounds like you have an awesome anniversary and I'm TOTALLY impressed by your planning and preparation...you're inspiring me!