Friday, September 12, 2008

Lots of Time in the ER

Well it's been quite the interesting last week...three trips to the hospital but still no baby! It all started last week when Erich felt left out of the gimp life and so decided to join the fun by crashing his motorcycle. It was actually quite scary, but all is relatively fine. Erich met me at my doctor's appointment last week. He was driving away on his motorcycle and he hit a really big dip. The impact made him loose his balance. He fell back and inadvertently grabbed the throttle which shot the front of his motorcycle up and over. The crazy thing was I was walking home and looked up to see my husband and his motorcycle flying through the air. They ended up crashing between 2 cars almost half-way down the block. It was very, very scary. Thankfully Erich was wearing a helmet and good shoes, pants, & coat. He got some pretty good road rash and hurt his left knee. They think it might be a partially torn ACL but they're not sure. At any rate Erich's been getting a good upper body workout hobbling along on crutches and is now guaranteed to be home for the baby since fire season is officially over. I am just grateful that he wasn't hurt any worse then he is. You are so vulnerable on a motorcycle. So moral of the story if anyone wants to buy a Motorcycle we'll make you a good deal on one :)

Other than that we've just been waiting in anticipation for lil' G to come join us. I have had some false labor and fake scares but not the real thing. I just hope that now he at least waits until after the BYU v. UCLA football game! I still have a few days until the due date so we'll see!

(You can see Erich's road rash after several days of healing. Thankfully one can still do lots of hunting prep even with a bum knee...his guns are all cleaned now, his hunting maps printed, and his bullets loaded)

(This is a picture packing up for the first trip to the hospital. I was definitely having some serious contractions but they were just a false least I got my tour of the hospital!)


Stephen & Jill Williams said...

I'll bet that was so scary to see your husband flying through the air! At least you have your bags packed now that you had some false labor! Good luck with the rest of the pregnanacy!

najdenney said...

I'm glad Erich is okay, but are sure he wasn't just trying to pop a wheelie and show off? Be sure to post some pics of the little guy when he comes. Good luck! The first few days of having a newborn baby are by the far the funnest time in ones life, at least in my opinion.


Jeff and Lea said...

Oh, that is so scary about Erich. I'm very glad he is okay. Jeff keeps saying he wants a motorcycle to save on gas, but they scare me. Erich's accident makes me even more determined to say NO! So sorry about the false labor. I never experienced that. I was induced, so I was already hooked up to the IV and everything when I had my first contraction. At least you have your bags packed and ready to go. I was kind of hoping he would come early and arrive on my birthday (the 10th) Oh well, can't wait to see pictures!

Celeste Adams said...

Yeah, I hate motorbikes. When I used to work at the hospital, it seemed like the majority of trauma's were ATV related. I'm glad Erich is okay, very scary for you to watch it all happen. I'm suprised it didn't put you into labor. CRAZY! I can't wait to hear about your new one. Make sure you post LOTS of pics!

meagan said...

Hey Guys, glad to hear that Erich isn't letting anything interfere with his hunting- We'd be seriously concerned if he was. Looks like the baby held out so you could see the blow out BYU game. Hope that the whole birth day goes well and quick (and painless, right). We're excited for you and to see pics of the little guy. Thanks for the baby gifts! Ben and Meag

Johnson Family said...

Poor Erich! Those dang motorcycles! Hope your leg gets feeling better soon. I am so excited for baby G. And just for the record I think the name Hahns is soooo cute!

Aminta said...

My name is Aminta, I moved to Grangeville a little over two years ago.
I did a search of people living near me and found YOU!
Just thought I would introduce myself.
I HOPE and pray all went well with the baby coming.

liso. said...

oh, wow. i'm glad to hear erich is okay, and i can't believe you had to watch it happen!

...can't wait for baby boy (and if you want baby announcements, just let me know, I'd love to do them as a little baby gift from faraway)!