Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Erich Gets a Little Break

After spiking out on a fire for 8 days Erich got to come home for a little break in between fires. It was so miserably hot down here that we headed up to the mountains. We took a couple of guys from Erichs' fire crew and drove to an ol' ghost town called Florence which is up by the wilderness area. There wasn't a whole lot to see other than swarms of mosquitos, a few grave sites, and a couple of collapsing log cabins, but it was interesting nonetheless. On the way back we stopped to go clay and pistol shooting. My marksmanship was less than impressive, but oh well. Baby Gleckler got his first introduction to Shotguns, a noise I am sure he will hear a lot of in his life :)

(Erich and Roberts faking an ol' Western Shoot Out)
(One of the many gravesites. On the sign it said someone was killed in the bars basically everynight...what a lifestyle)
(At one time there was over 5,000 people living in Florence. Now it's completely desolate and over an hour and a half drive from the nearest town. It's crazy how things change with time. For awhile there it was quite the lucrative spot. They found millions and millions of dollars worth of gold before the place was abandoned)

It was great getting to see Erich for a little bit. We even celebrated my b-day since he was gone for the actual day. We went down to the river with the Petersens and had an ice cream cake.


Jeff and Lea said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kara! I knew it was in Aug, but couldn't remember the date. Also, isn't your Anniversary end of this month too? Sorry if I'm mistaken. Take care. Not too much longer for baby Gleckler, YAY!!

meagan said...

It looks like a fun little adventure. Glad that you got to spend some time with Erich and you had a fun birthday!

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Hi Kara! Here's the link to the free scrapbooking software, although I've found it's just as easy to use Photoshop. You can get free templates from this site: Have fun!

a. said...

Happy Birthday, Kara! ...looks like you guys had fun on your little adventure. and i love the new prego shot! (i just get a kick out of seeing my (when-we-were-single) friends pregnant...i don't know why!)

Natalie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you were able to have a great time! It was fun to see a picture of you and your cute growing belly! Any more nursery pictures????