Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of Changes

Erich is off on fires again and we are at a stage of the house where I can't do much until he finishes some sheetrocking. Which means that I was forced to take a Saturday off of housework, and man did it feel fabulous!!! For a really long time I've been wanting to visit the gospel hump wilderness which is only about 30 miles away. So Saturday morning I called my good friend Terri Petersen and her daughter Kelli to see if they were up for a little adventure. Thankfully they were feeling spontaneous and they joined me for a picnic lunch and afternoon hike in the mountains. It was a perfectly beautiful day...sunny, a nice cool breeze, not too hot, and I quickly remembered how much I love hiking and being outside. Here are a few pictures from the day.

(Terri and Kelli Petersen at a scenic overlook)

(Libby, very happy that she got to join the little road trip)

(Libby and I at Upper Gospel Hump Lake)

(Looking down from the top of the six mile rountrip hike we took into Moores Lake...if you look close you can see the lake in the distance.)

(A nice mellow part of the hike right before the real elevation change begins)

(Dropping down into the canyon...isn't it spectacular?!?)

Well that's it for the fun hike day.

For those who have requested here is a full on prego shot. Clearly I have arrived at that "very pregant" stage. The side profile view says it all!!!
And now for the big Change in Life.... I had my last day of of work on Friday because my one year contract as a law clerk ran up. Since the baby is due in a month I have no new plans for employment. I am going to focus on living the "stay-at-home mom" life for awhile. Before teh baby arrives I plan on spending some time reading instructional books....maybe I can learn a thing or two about being a mom before our little bundle of joy arrives. I definitely feel in need of a lot of help and instruction! Anyhow the following is a picture of me with Judge Brandbury and the clerk Kathy whom I adore. Clerking this past year has been a really great experience. I will definitely miss it but I am excited about our new adventure.


New Mexican Youngs said...

You are so adventurous, 8 months prego and taking a six mile hike into the Gospel Hump! so fun. I am sure you don't really need that much instruction, you and Erich are going to be great parents. Wish we were closer, we need to figure out how to see you guys after the new little man in your life arrives.

meagan said...

Your maternity clothes are super cute! And the little flower box you guys put in front of the house is adorable. Like the Youngs, I am totally impressed with your hiking skills. You'll have to fill me in on any parenting revelations that you have, and congrats on finishing your clerkship!

a. said...

Wow, Kara! Gorgeous country! I miss the trees and mountains (not that I can complain of our views)... and I love that you finally posted a prego picture...that one in front of the white picket fence just makes you look like a perfect little mom-to-be!

Stephen & Jill Williams said...

Very cute prego shot! You'll love the challenge of being a stay-at-home mom. I think it is so much harder than working an 8 to 5! But the rewards are incredible. Check out the Babywise books. They're a little straight forward, but you can modify the principles to fit your own parenting style.

Jeff and Lea said...

Beautiful pictures! I too am impressed that you hiked being 8 mo pregnant! You amaze me. I had swollen ankles whenever I walked too much or was in the sun. I hated that. You look great! Love the dress you are wearing. Parenting is the best job ever! You and Erich will be great and the maternal instincts kick right in. No worries!

The Reid Family said...

You look great!!! I can't wait to meet the new little man! I can't believe my baby is almost a year- time flies! Miss you

New Mexican Youngs said...

This one's from Morgan. How on earth are you doing all this stuff pregnant!?! Amazing! You are my hero! And that Girl's Camp look absolutely wonderful. Good on you--I bet those girls adore you. How lucky are they?