Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunny Days and Visitors

So little Jake is becoming not so little anymore. I've officially decided he can make mess as quick as I can clean it :) Thankfully he's so darn cute it's hard to get too frustrated with him. He's passed the walking stage and is now running and climbing everywhere. Still not too many words but he manages to express himself quite clearly! As for Erich and I, we've had some time these past few weekends to explore and enjoy the winter. More cross-country skiing of course. Our new thing this year is to pack a backcountry stove and to throw a tarp out midway through our ski for a little brisk picnic! It's chilly but fun. It's a good break for Jake to get out of the backpack. our other highlight was having Erich's parents and sister make a surprise visit. We went and explored some hot springs and headed up to Sun Valley. I have to say that McCall is the true treasure of Idaho not Sun Valley. I think my favorite part of Twin Falls is being closer to Family--we just love having company.


meagan said...

The snow looks beautiful. All we have is rainy muddy, muck. Jake sure looks grown up these days. We are excited to see you guys here in a bit.

RaeAnn said...

hey you. speaking of up for me and paul staying there on friday? I will call you :)

bdawg schmash andrizzle & n.o.p said...

You guys are like super heroes - not just cross-country skiing (for the fun of it), but doing it with a child on your back. Wow!