Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

Can't believe it is 2010! To bring in the new year Kara was sick so we stayed home and had a movie marathon. After sleeping and gorging ourselves with TV for hours Kara felt better and we were ready to celebrate the new year a more typical Gleckler way. We went on two fun cross-country ski trips. One to the South hills and one to the Sun Valley area. We were really worried there wouldn't be enough snow to ski. Boy were we surprised when the road was closed for a half hour while they cleared off an avalanche and when the powder was 2-3 feet deep. Poor Libby got the workout of the season swimming through all the snow. The South Hills was quite the adventure. We found an old road to follow which took us up and up and up. When we started cresting the top I thought I saw a ski lift. Sure enough we had cross-country skiied up to the top of Magic Valley Downhill Ski Hill. I always wondered what it would be like to down hill ski with cross-country skis. YEAH, not such a good combo. We started down a green run (I typically do blacks no problem) and biffed it within the first 15 face plant :) We looked like the misfits with a dog on the ski hill and a kid in a backpack! Don't judge us please. Anyhow we quickly found a road off the main ski routes and pludged ourselves through the powder back to the car. Our trip to Sun Valley was one of the most spectacular trips ever. The sun was brilliant and with all the fresh snow glistening it truly was a gorgeous day of skiing (And yes the sparkling snow was more beautiful than Edward's skin for all you Twilight fans!) Anyhow it felt great to be out skiing again, and Jake was a relatively great sport throughout it all.


Jeff and Lea said...

Wow, you guys are always so active! Wish we lived closer so you could get us out and about! This rain is so depressing! But if you guys lived here it wouldn't bother you at all! Great pics and glad Kara is feeling better. Nice Twilight comment :)

meagan said...

Gorgeous pictures! They are almost beautiful enough to make me forget how much work x-country skiing can be. I can't imagine doing it with Rhone on my back. Glad to hear your enjoying outdoors in Southern Idaho.