Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Different Christmas

This year for Christmas we wanted to go down to UT to see our many friends and family but felt compelled to spend our time off and money finishing (or I should say working on) the house. I (Kara) was pretty bummed but I convinced Erich we didn't want to be alone in our house for Christmas Eve. So we left at 4:00 at night and headed up into the mountains about 20 minutes away. We then cross-country skiied into a cabin up there. It was a spectacular night. It was a full moon and it was so bright we skiied a bulk of the trail without headlamps. There was about 2 1/2 feet of fresh powder and it was a hoot watching poor ol' Libby bound through the snow. She loved it-she's definitely a snow dog. Anyhow we skiied a few miles back to this cabin thinking we would be spending the night. The cabin was a bit surprising however. We weren't expecting anything fancy but we weren't expecting anything quite that remote either. The cabin was tiny thing with no cots or real sleeping room or much of anything for that matter. So we decided just to spend the evening up there and ski down at about 10 o'clock.

Nonetheless we had an amazing time. We read Christmas stories and listened to Christmas music while sitting around the fire. The whole time we had this phenomenal view of the full moon glistening on the snowladen trees and mountain vistas. We tried to take pictures but of course couldn't capture it. We also had a fancy Christmas meal of soup and Snickers. It was sure yummy after skiing in! After a great night we came home and crashed in our warm comfy beds.

Christmas morning we made a big breakfast, went Chucker hunting (Erich's activity choice) and had dinner with some friends. Although I missed being with friends and family it has been nice so far to get out an explore Grangeville. I've been so occupied with working at the court and at home I haven't had the chance to get out and enjoy the area much.


Jeff and Lea said...

Hey Glecklers! Sounds like you guys had a fun Christmas. Wish we could have seen ya though! We move to Coos Bay on Jan 1st. We are excited and nervous. It is going to be a long drive with our girls. Have a great New Year!

New Mexican Youngs said...

Hey guys, We made a stand here in Taos and had a good time as well. We went to the Taos Pueblo and watched the 'Deer Dance' a cerimonial event after a week long hunt in which they danced in the hides/heads of the deer and elk they shot. It was pretty neat. Hope the house is going well. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

ben & meag said...

Hey we're glad you guys had a good time, but we missed you in richfield. oh and Erich since you forfeited the bowling game we guess a picture of you kissing Libby on the lips will do. We hope that you have an adventurous new year!

what color did you decide to do the kitchen?

Erich said...

Do I get any imput on Erich kissing Libby on the lips!!! Not so down with that. So who won bowling anyone? I suggest just postponing the challenge :)
Anyhow we painted the kitchen back Green again. I am so glad that debacle is over! We'll post some updated pictures. Hope it's good to be back in MS. Ben good luck with Flight school? Meag what are you doing this semester?

Erich said...
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Erich said...
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