Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays

Christmas was extra magical this year. For the first time Jake got into Christmas songs, Santa clause, and presents. (Well actually Jake liked to talk about Santa clause but not visit Santa clause. We waited in line 45 minutes so Jake could sit on Santa's lap, but when it was our turn Jake SCREAMED and yelled scary, scary!) Nonetheless Jake got what he wanted from Santa a big Thomas the train set. Although I am not sure who has more fun with it, Erich or Jake :) It's a great bonding thing for them.

We spent the holidays in Utah with Erich's family. Erich's one sister has five kids and they really helped get Jake pumped for Christmas. There is nothing like Christmas morning with lots of kids.

Since we had so much family gathered together we blessed McKinley. It's a good thing we had the blessing when we did because she has just about grown out of her dress!


RaeAnn said...

Merry Christmas!! Is it possible those kiddos keep getting cuter??

meagan said...

That looks like a gigantic train set. McKinley looks adorable in her blessing dress. Looking forward to meeting her and seeing you guys soon!

Terri said...

I finally figured out how to log in to post comments.....LOL! Looking forward to seeing you guys in March. You'll have to update and let us know how things are going! Looks the holidays were really fun!