Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gotta Love Visitors

This weekend was lots of fun, we were ultra spoiled because my sister and her kids and my parents came to spend the weekend. We only had a few days together but we got in a lot of shopping, good eating and game playing. We even got to watch a bunch of base jumpers. (For those of you who don't know base jumping is jumping off a super high bridge and parachuting to the bottom. We have a very tall bridge over the river canyon and it is one of the only places in the US where bridge jumping is legal without a special permit so we get people from all of the world here. We usually see novices but this weekend there were some pretty experienced jumpers who were doing flips, jumping doubles and other cool stuffs. I got enough of a rush just watching them. Unfortunately I forgot to whip out my camera while all the fun was here.
The weather has been so gorgeous here so we snuck out to take a hike around the falls and little lake. It was awesome to get out and enjoy a sunny, crisp autumn day. Jake liked the slide quite a bit, but I am not sure who was having more fun, dad or Jake :)


Jeff and Lea said...

That would have been awesome to watch the base jumpers. sounds like a great time with family. So what are your plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Jason and Amy Smith said...

Dudes, how the heck are you guys? Sounds like life is good for you... Kara, you working full time still? Erich, you slowing down yet for the winter? Hope all is well with you guys... holla!!

meagan said...

Good thing you like visitors because you are getting lots more of them! What great pictures of Jacob and Erich. Hopefully we'll see ya this week.