Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freedom, Fun and Family

Fourth of July has to be one of my favorite holidays especially since spending a summer in Africa and realizing what a blessing it is to live in America! Lucky for me the fourth of july celebration lasted all week. To kick things off Jake and I were up in Grangeville, a little town that knows how to celebrate big. They have 3 days of street games and festivities including what could be the nation's largest "egg toss" competition. It is pretty funny, the streets are lined with people tossing eggs back and forth including the "eyes closed" toss, the "behind the back toss" the "hike toss" get the idea. It was really fun unil the egg exploded on me and got me all gooey. As always it was a real treat to be back in Grangeville for a visit with great friends.
For the actual fouth Erich had to work so we watched the fireworks in Twin. Jake was lots of fun and had no problem staying awake for the big show. He was quite enthralled with the lights and the booms, Libby on the other hand was petrified. After the fourth Erich took a long weekend and we went to Pallisades for a few wonderful days of boating and camping with my parents and sister. For me there is NOTHING better than a hot day on the lake with glassy water and family to share it all with. With Erich's job it is rare that we get to spend the fourth of july together, let alone take a 3 day summer vacation so it was a very memorable week of the fourth. I sure am grateful for my freedom and family.

(the egg toss, look close and you can see how high those eggs are in the air)

(dad and Jake watching the fireworks)


Ashley said...

I am glad you got a long weekend with your hubby, and you guys had fun. That egg toss sounds pretty intense:-) We need some boating pics!

RaeAnn said...

Soo pretty. I can never get over those views. You are a good picture taker too!

Johnson Family said...

Sounds like such a good time! I love the egg throwing contest. So funny! Glad you got to spend all that time with your hubby and family!

meagan said...

I think small towns have some of the best celebrations. I know how being apart on the 4th goes, so I'm glad you got to spend time boating, it looks like a blast!

Jason and Amy Smith said...

The Glecklers sure know how to have fun!! Never a dull moment in your house I bet. We enjoy all your pix and adventures... and can't wait until we get out of Ohio so we can do all those fun things with little Brooklyn! Wish we lived closer to you so we could enjoy that stuff together!