Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

For this Fourth of July Erich was slaving away on fires in California while I was partying it up with my family on the lakes in Montana! Poor Erich always working during the fun months of the year. Right before he left he rented a bobcat and entertained himself by destroying...oh I mean relandscaping part of our backyard :) In the pic below he is leveling out a driveway/parking place.

Montana was great. Even though it was torture not to be able to waterski and wakeboard it was still awesome seeing family and lazing away on the boat. I make a pretty good flag girl/driver .... Pregnant or not there's nowhere I would rather be than on the lake with the fam. Amidst all the boating we managed to slip in a few rounds of golf and several rounds of cards. I also got to be there to help celebrate my dad's first day of retirement. I am so excited for him and my mom. Anyhow another great Independence Day. Just can't complain about hot summer days and vacation from work :)

(This is a hike we went on that overlooks the part of the Missourri River that we always boat on it's one of my favorite places in the world...Montana at its best!)

(this is a pic of my siter from CA and her family...we entertained ourselves quite well being goofy on the boat. My other sister from ID made it up for part of the trip as well as my bro from MT. Since I'm the one picking the pics I can avoid any embarassing ones of myself and instead harass my very fun sister and her family)

(On the way home Libby and I took a quick detour to enjoy a short hike and swim along the Lochsa River).


PaR said...

Wow. you don't even look pregnant in that pic with your mom! thanks for the pretty mt. pics--it has been way too long.

Mark said...

Good to see you're surviving with the hubby out on a fire. Erin and I were talking about you two the other day so Hello from us.

meagan said...

Kara, looks like MT was tons of fun! We went water skiing the other day and the guys in Ben's class keep harassing me for not going, it is tough to limit yourself. It is nice having Ben around on the 4th, but he really needs to experience the small town celebration of Malad. Hopefully Erich will be around soon. Take care! Oh and good luck with girls camp (I'm pretty thrilled that ours is over)!

Jeff and Lea said...

I'm glad you had a great time in Montana with your family for the 4th. Erich called Jeff a couple of days ago and caught up with him. It was good to hear from him. I know it still sucks for you that Erich is always gone in the summer. When was the last time you two got to spend the 4th together? You look really good. Hope you are feeling well.