Monday, March 17, 2008

We're Back!!!

Sorry we have been such slackers it has been one crazy month for us. Right after I got back from the murder trial Erich got the opportunity to go to Arizona to burn and saw for four weeks. He just got back on Saturday and we got right to work on the house. So here are the pictures of the upstairs bathroom we finally finished! Wohoo, I am so excited!

(This is a before shot with the sink and toilet taken out, so beautiful huh)

(Our bathroom was so tiny we couldn't even fit in a vanity, so we decided to use the closet in the next room to expand out our bathroom. Unfortunately this little remodeling project required plumbing work for Erich which as you can tell from the picture is not his favorite job)

(Once a closet, this is now home to our vanity. We are still shopping around for a mirror some wall decorations and a new light bulb!)

(It's hard to tell the layout of the bathroom from the pictures. You walk in the door and to the left you have the old closet which is now the vanity section and which is partially closed off with a wall, then to the right you have the bath and toilet area)

(Libby feeling so entertained while we're upstairs working)


Jeff and Lea said...

Wow, absolutely love the bathroom. You two are so talented. I remember that bathroom and it is all changed around. It looks great!

RaeAnn and Paul said...

You guys really know how to impress a girl--I have never wanted to use anyone's bathroom more!

Johnson Family said...

It looks beautiful. You two have done such a great job! I can't wait for you to come do my house! :)

meagan said...

the bathroom look great, you just might never want to leave that house after you've put all this time a work into it.