Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lots of Different Things

(one of the many snowmounds in Wallace...notice the roof in the background)

(This is a really neat antique store in Wallace that had a bunch of amazing mounts among other intriguing items...made us excited for the hunting season. You would love this place Di!)

(Cross-country skiing near Wallace)

(Quite the rack....this is what Erich is dreaming of for the 2008 Buck season!

Well I am back from Wallace! The murder trial was supposed to last 3-4 weeks but wrapped up in two, thank goodness. So I got home just in time for Valentines day. The jury found the defendant GUILTY and so it is back to prison for him. Although it was hard to be away from home I learned so much at the trial. It was such a neat (though not particularly enjoyable) experience to be part of a murder case the first year out of law school. It was nice of course that I didn't have to be one of the lawyers presenting. Researching the law is much easier than cross-examining a bunch of death row witnesses. Anyhow the case was rather time consuming so it feels good to have it wrapped up. As I mentioned the trial was in Wallace, Idaho (by Coeur D' Lane). Luckily Erich had training in Coeur d' Lane the first week of the trial and so I would drive back and forth every day so I could spend my evenings with him. Then we spent the weekend in Wallace which was quite the Winter wonderland. There was definitely at least four feet of snow everywhere in Wallace. The one snow mound in the picture was in the parking lot of our hotel...Libby loved us throwing her toy up there. She's sure one snow loving pup. Anyhow it was nice to not be working on the house day in day out. We went snowshoeing and ran right into a moose and then we went on a rather exhausing cross-country skiing excursion. Anyhow that's our little update. Sorry we've been MIA the past weeks.


ben & meag said...

That looks like an awesome store! We found something like that here, but you can only go in by appointment only so we think we're going to skip out on it. Glad to see that you are still enjoying your northern winter wonder land.

Jeff and Lea said...

Wow, that is a ton of snow. I miss snow, but not the cold! That would be an awesome buck for next hunting season. Although I think it would be great if Kara got it. J/K Erich. That's great you got to be with Erich while sitting in the murder trial. We do have to plan a get together sometime this year. I really think Jeff wants to hunt whitetail somewhere around Moscow this year. We'll see. I'd like to do that too.

New Mexican Youngs said...

Erich that would be a great deer. Kara, working a murder trial, even if you weren't doing any talking, I am sure that was an adventure. Miss having you guys around, maybe there will be a training in New Mexico you can come too?